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would agree that “despite there being a lot of choice available to me, I often struggle to find something to watch.”
Source: PWC How tech will transform content discovery, Nov 2017

Artificial Intelligence: On The Edge Of Tomorrow

We consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be the most important technology in the coming decades. It allows us to maximize efficiency and comfort by assisting us in our daily tasks. Further we think that AI can transform our personal consumption to a real hands-off experience by recommending products that fit our individual situation.

Looking At The Intrinsic Motivation Behind Actions

Finding patterns in factors that influence our everyday lifes and determine the actions we take help us gain a deeper understanding of the intrinsic motivation behind your user's actions. We provide true personalized recommendations by understanding the humans behind their behavioral patterns.

New Concept And Smart Technology For High Performance

Aivy is able to predict a profile of moods, user motivation and user needs based on a diverse data base such as weather, news and other, non-personal data sources, while being completely location aware. By relying on the things that influence us instead of past behavior we escape the loop of classic recommendation engines which tend to recommend the same products to the users.

Based on your feedback we tailor our models to your data and continually increase our performance, yielding better results over time for you and your customers.

Aivy implements ways to specify arbritary product categories for fine-grained control over what user type what product gets. This way you can separate child and adult content or different markets for example.

By using highly specialized machine learning models instead of out-of-the-box solutions that are normally deployed, such as simple matrix factorization methods, we can build highly sophisticated models of arbritary complexity to increase accuracy by utilizing the bleeding edge of academic research.

Control The Automation

Automagically managed infrastructure with transparency and control. You control which products are recommended to whom with fine grained control. No more worrying about adult-content landing on the screens of underage users.

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The feelyt Movie Search Engine

feelyt is a consumer frontend which provides personalized movie recommendations based on the user's occasion, mood and the desired movie atmosphere. This service is provided for free to help users with their personalized entertainment discovery. website