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Aivy is focused on developing intelligent and user-friendly solutions that gives every company the easiest access to new technologies. Our passion is the development of new concepts that rethink current standards constantly critical. In 2014, we have redefined the concept of movie search engines with Feelyt and aligned movie recommendations as close to the users needs as never before. With Aivy, we provide a new kind of recommendation concept and an innovative personalization software that is easy to integrate and even closer to the consumer's individual moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A recommendation engine is a software that recommends products to customers that are expected to be something the customer most likely has a need for at the moment. Clasical approaches include past behavior or products similar customers buy. In our case we work with data that leads to the customers need in the first place and recommend the fitting products.

Our service is worldwide available and we have no barriers.

At the moment we are focused on recommending movies and series. We are already working on a generic system to recommend all possible product categories soon. Please stay tuned.

We are constantly improving our service for you and your customers benefit. Depending on the integration of Aivy on your platform, Aivy will increase your conversion rate, the click rate, the time users spend on your website, your customers satisfaction and loyality as well as finally your turnover and customer lifetime value.

Aivy has transparent and performance based plans. Our prices starts at 99,00€ for 100.000 recommendations per month. For more informations feel free to contact us:

From our side there is no barrier running other recommender systems in parallel with Aivy.

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