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of consumers admit that what they choose to watch is largely driven by their mood on any given day.
Source: PWC How tech will transform content discovery, Nov 2017

AI Based Movie Recommendations

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty with your own professional recommendation engine. Aivy is the first artificial intelligence based platform that predicts the current mood, needs and motivation of users and recommends fitting products for individual moments.

As Easy As It Gets

Instantaneous recommendations based on your products. No warm up time or preceding learning required. Guaranteed the simplest setup without on-premise deployments, powered by our automagical cloud infrastructure which provides seamless service.

Innovative Concept

Based on the individual mood-need-motivation profile Aivy recommends the perfect products.

Easy Integration

The short installation process and our software-as-a-service platform allows you to test Aivy in less than an hour.

Full Control

Your data at your command. Full control over what data is displayed to different customer groups.

Individual Dashboard

Your personal dashboard provides real time insights into what's happening.

High Security

Modern infrastructure and technology for the protection of your data and the privacy of your users.

Full Flexibility

More flexibility, less risk. Short contract terms of one month and any-time cancellation.

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